Heavy Oxford CVC 3234

Ultra high Cotton blend with 78% Cotton - Heavy Oxford Shirting

Made using top end Lustrous and Luxurious yarn. 
The blend reduces wrinkles.

Oxford 6733 CVC

Medium weight 67% Cotton blend Oxford shirting. 
Created using selected top end yarn and processing to make shirts that look much richer and expensive than they are.
The blend naturally reduces wrinkles.

Cotton Poplin 4072 (Normal)

100% Cotton Poplin - made from smooth top grade compact yarn. Versatile Everyday Shirting

ผ้าคอตต้อนสำหรับตัดเสื้อเชิ้ต เคลือบเคมีกันยับ

Cotton Poplin 4072 (Wrinkle Free)

100% Cotton Compact Yarn Poplin - with LADC Wrinkle Free Finishing.

ผ้าคอตตอนสำหรับตัดเสื้อเชิ้ต มีเนื้อ หนาหน่อย ไม่โปร่ง เคลือบเคมีกันยับ

4321 Cotton Twill (Wrinkle Free)

European best seller.
100% Cotton medium-heavy twill made using the best yarn and processing with LADC wrinkle free finishing.

ผ้า oxford หนา สำหรับทำเสื้อเชิ้ต ค็อตต้อน100%

4250 - 100% Cotton Oxford

Beautiful and comfortable Pure Cotton Oxford

2075 - 100% Cotton Chambray

Use as alternative to Fine Count Linen. 

Made of Super comfortable top-end Heavy Cotton yarn. 

6098 Thin 100% Cotton

for Lightweight Maimi style shirts, 

also popular as 100% Cotton lining.